Adopted Bears

          Queen 2    Sqdn Ldr T Bear    Matt The Fireman   tommy   Kingsley


         Albie3    Alfie   Edwin   Harrison1    Harvey


         Blue Nose 1   Drew   Puff   Toby   Muffin 2


         Finn 2   Teddy058   Magihad   Daniel   R


         Scorch    Timothy 1   Noah    Mr Bramble   Ellie 3


         Wilfred   Leo   Tommee   Teddy59   Taliasin a


        The Doctor   Spencer   Siu Cheng   Rowan   Reggie1


        Rabbitb    Queen   Prue2    Petra   Nogare3


       Murphy    Marnie2   Pip 2   Oliver 2   Teddy


       Tim    Teddy 0671   Ronan   Teddy 050   Nellie   Kensie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                        Please use your mouse over the picture to find the name of the Bear,or Animal